About Us

HP-Collectible-Logo-PNGWhen the first Potter movies hit the big screen in 2000 we were instantly hooked. The enchanting story lines, the spell binding characters, good versus evil and all the side stories in between made this a film and book series we were immediately addicted to.

Operating from our offices and warehouse located in Essex, England we have run our highly successful Harry Potter online store since 2003 serving thousands of happy customers and fans ever since.

We Have (Seen!) It All

We have seen (and owned) practically every item ever produced under the Potter franchise tag and we know where to source the best quality official items at the lowest UK prices. Hence why we are confident we can locate any product you are searching for.

From rare and hard-to-source items to exclusive Harry Potter memorabilia – if you cannot find it in our online shop, then just drop us a line and see how helpful we can be in aiding you on your search for that perfect gift or collection item.

Our customers mean everything to us, so if you have anything which you wish to ask us, please get in touch right now and we will reply to you as soon as we possibly can (usually with 48 business hours).

We also love to interact with our website visitors – if you like to write and are a huge Potter fan, why not get in touch and we will consider publishing your article on this very website! In the meantime, you can also spend a few minutes checking out our favourite videos and images by clicking here.

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