Harry Potter Audio Books

potter audio book setsAre your eyes tired of reading? Maybe you’re too impatient to sit down and watch a movie in full. Well then, what better way to delve into the world of Hogwarts than listening to one of the professional and entertaining range of Harry Potter audio books.

Sometimes reading can be quite tiring and bothersome, this is when you should consider an audio book. Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa, relax on your couch, shut your eyes, switch on your CD player and prepare yourself as you enter the magical world of Harry and his brave counterparts while they battle against evil Lord Voldemort and his legion of minions.

Whichever film or book is your favourite, you can be sure it will be available to buy in audio book format. Narrated by such celebrities such as the amazing Stephen Fry or the rich-voiced Jim Dale, these are items which will be treasured and coveted for years to come by all the family. One of the most perfect gifts you can give to your child or teenager is the gift of expanding and cultivating their imagination. Nothing can do this more than by reading a book, but these Harry Potter books in audio format will also greatly interest and fascinate them in equal measures as well.

Your child may not like reading, can’t read just yet or is too sick to open a book why not consider the Harry Potter audio book option as a brilliant alternative. They help pass the hours and give you some quite time to yourself while your child journeys on a rollercoaster ride filled with fantasy, excitement and fun.

Audio Book Options – Complete Sets or Single Books

Whether your favourite film or book is The Prisoner of Azkaban, Half Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows, The Goblet of Fire or the exhilarating Chambers of Secrets we have them all covered in unabridged audio format, on CD, and at hard to beat prices too.

Featured below is a selection of these audio books, so check the listings below for a full run down and description of each product and see which one is right for your child or even for yourself! You also have the option of buying the complete sets which feature ALL the books in one handy package the choice is ultimately up to you and your designated budge (but bear in mind that if you buy the complete series set you will save money in the long term).

Please be aware that there are more adult orientated versions of the Potter books available to buy also, so make sure you choose the appropriate version carefully before purchasing. Before you decide to buy, here we present to you a quick run down of each book…

Harry Potter Audio Books Complete Set

Treat yourself to this splendid audio CD complete set. Follow Harry and his friends as they fight the evil forces all the way throughout the 8 superb installments. This is actually a great purchase from a budget viewpoint as it works out cheaper than buying all 8 audio books seperately. A magical package filled with fun, frolics, excitement and adventure.

Singular titles are also widely available, included are the following products:

  • potter sets in audio formatOrder of the Phoenix Audio Book – Very well selling 24 CD set. Harry’s dreams have been haunted. He wakes at night with a feeling of terror gripping his body. The manner Hogwarts is being run also weighs down Harry. Friends are now the most important thing in the world to our hero, but can they help him escape the dark thoughts entering his mind.
  • Prisoner of Azkaban Audio CD – Many reader’s favourite of all the series. The summer holidays are over and Harry is excited to begin his 3rd term at Hogwarts. He quickly finds out that there is a murderer roaming the land around Hogwarts and things quickly turn tense for our heros. Can they help solve the mysteries that they are embroiled in?
  • Goblet of Fire in Audio Format – Signature Edition of this exciting audio version of the Harry Potter book read by Stephen Fry. Follow Harry and Co. while they are on their summer holidays from wizard school. All is not as it seems though, as his sworn enemy has big plans for his downfall.
  • The Half Blood Prince – In the Half Blood Prince, Harry is in Dursley’s. Dumbledore decides to pay him a visit about something very important, but Harry doesn’t know what to expect. Suprises galore in this audio book which is unabridged and read by the ever enchanting Mr. Fry.
  • Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows – Harry is about to leave Dursley’s but his future looks very bleak and he is faced by a huge amount of impending danger. He must fight on alone and defeat the evil that is ready to take over his and his friends lives for once and for all. 20 CDs (spanning 24 hours) are included in this excellent package.
  • The Philosopher’s Stone – This is where it all began! Harry is a young lad who lives with his Aunt and Uncle. Life is tough for our aspiring hero and he is bullied and treated badly by his stand-in parents and cousin, Dudley. When an owl carrying a message calls to him his life is about to change forever in drastic ways.
  • The Chamber of Secrets – Harry Potter is now in his second year of wizard’s school. Follow him and his cherished friends Hermione, Ron on this brand new adventure. He is also reunited with his beloved sister – Ginny – in this audio compact disc but it all starts going awry when he hears sinister and frightening voices. The second installment in this popular series of Potter audio sets.
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