Harry Potter Box Sets

box set bannerThere are a ton of Harry Potter box set products to choose from these days, so we decided to take the guessing out of the equation and present the cream of the crop box sets to you on this very page (click the banner to the right or the button at the end of this page for complete listings and the best UK prices).

Most people own a DVD player in this day and age and the choices you have to buy Harry Potter movies in DVD format is amazing. Blu-Ray Potter box sets are also available to buy and present Harry & Co. in exquisite high definition detail along with crystal clear audio – it really is worth the extra few pounds to spend for this cinema-like experience.

Complete Eight Film Collection (DVD)

Close the curtains, turn off the phone, make sure the popcorn is at the ready and hit play on the remote for one of the greatest experiences in cinematic history. This superb Potter box set features all eight films (including Chamber of Secrets, Half-Blood Prince and the two parts of The Deathly Hallows). Audio comes in the form of Dolby Digital so you can actually feel like you’re part of the action as it unfolds. At just under £30 this is exceptional value.

8 Film Collection (Blu Ray Edition – Region Free)

Prepare your eye balls for a feast of Potter mania! This amazing Blu-Ray collection contains all eight films poured into one neat package. All the big 8 movies are present, including The Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix & The Philosopher’s Stone among all the other likely suspects). Watch in HD as Harry, Ron, Hermione and Company battle with Lord Voldemort throughout 8 action packed movies. The Blu-Ray edition is only a few pounds extra in comparison to the DVD version and, in our expert opinion, it’s well worth it.

Wizard Collection Box Set (Blue-Ray/DVD)

If you’re on the look out for the ULTIMATE in HP DVD/Blu-Ray products then this is certainly it. The Wizard’s Collection is for real fans only – at just under £180 it is a serious piece of kit and one that the enthusiasts will drool over. This is a limited edition product and will have Muggles clambering to get their hands on a copy. It features all of the 8 movies as well as a special feature segment which runs for 37 hours and a new special feature section which lasts for a total of 5 hours. Comes with a number of bonus discs and the majority of the movies on these discs have the option of being played at ‘extended cut’ versions. A serious purchase for serious fans only but well worth it if you’re crazy about all things Potter.


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