broom bannerFly away on a magical adventure with your very own officially licensed Harry Potter broom. These gorgeous brown coloured items really are a must have for any true Potter fan.

Kids always want to look the party at any fancy dress occasion. If your child is a massive fan of the Potter franchise, then adding a broomstick to their costume get-up will have them jumping with joy. Unlike other expensive costume accessories, a broom is relatively cheap and is guaranteed to provide hours and hours of fun and adventure for you precious little ones.

As with any other item in the Harry Potter range, these products range in prices and can suit any budget – low or high. In fact, our best selling broomstick retails for only twelve British pounds making it a great purchase and addition to your, or your child’s, Hogwarts collection.

The brooms used in the books and movie series feature heavily in all seven stories. The game of Quidditch would not be possible without their magical flying powers and Harry would have been left in many dangerous and scary situations had he not been in possession of this valuable piece of kit. It is true when they say that no character is truly complete without a broom in their possession. How else would they get from A to B or escape the evil clutches of Lord Voldemort and his legions of minions?

potter broomMinds of their Own

As with the sorting hat, broomsticks seem to have a mind and personality of their own. We witness this many times when watching the films or reading the books. Sometimes when commands are shouted at them by Muggles, such as ‘UP!’, the broom will do the opposite or just do absolutely nothing at all. Frustrating they can be at times, those moody broomsticks!

Harry Potter’s broom was called the Nimbus 2000 and was given to him by Mr. McGonagall. It is officially the quickest broom ever produced and is made from the rich and robust wood mahogany. Eventually the 2000 model was replaced by the Nimbus 2001.

Our Harry Potter brooms are at least 90cm in height, are brown in colour and come recommended for children from the age of 8 years and up.

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