Harry Potter Book Sets

hp complete book setsReading sometimes is much more fun than sitting down and watching a movie or box set. Reading stimulates your mind like no TV screen will ever do and it allows your imagination run wild without being restricted. If you’re new to the world of Harry and Co. then you may feel a bit wary on splashing out on all the books in the series.

There are seven books in total, each unique and filled with spectacular new adventures as Harry battles Lord Voldemort along with his trusted sidekicks and best friends; Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

Instead of buying each book separately and one by one (and incurring seven instances of postage and packaging costs!), it is advisable that you consider investing in a Harry Potter book set to satisfy your Hogwarts adventure needs all in one go!

Why would anyone splash out cash for one of these sought after book sets? Isn’t it just better to buy each book one by one? Well, no, and here are a good few reasons why we say this:

Advantages of the Book Sets

  • Saves You Money – Buying all 7 books in one go will save you money in the long run – sometimes by up to a massive 50%!
  • No waiting around – Let’s say you buy the first book in the series (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) and thoroughly enjoy it. Instantly, you wish to jump right into the second book of the series (Chambers of Secrets) but you are presented with a problem! The dilemma is that you have only bought one book! If you had purchased the full book set with all titles included then you could jump right into the following story – without waiting around for the delivery man to come knocking on your door with the 2nd installment of the series.
  • Attractive Appearance – Impress your friends with your brand new box set. Most sets come in attractive designs and covers and will protect your books with their uniquely designed exterior sleeve (see the Signature Edition description below for a preview of how they look).

As you can see, the Harry Potter book set collection is really great value for money, they look amazing and also allow you to have instant access to whichever title you feel like delving into at any given time.

Signature Edition Book Set

harry potter book set complete signatureThis is the ultimate set that will satisfy even the hardest to please fan. Comes with all seven books in the series (Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and the final book in the adventure; Deathly Hallows). The seven books are protected and covered by the impressive box which is home to the titles. It comes in vivid red with a beautiful design running all the way around.

The set has received critical and public acclaim for its combination of looks, contents, design and its competitive price. It is also exclusive to customers in the United Kingdom only so grab your hands on it while it is freely available to buy.

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