Harry Potter Scarves

scarf buttonWhen those cold winter nights roll in, what better way to pass the evening than to curl up on the couch while watching your favourite movie. But, what happens when you need to nip down to the local corner shop for munchies and it’s freezing outside? A jacket or jumper and gloves will keep you that bit warmer, but if you add a scarf into the mix then you’re good to go (and try not to forget investing in a tattered yet beautiful sorting hat).

More so, if you’re a Potter fanatic then what better way to tell the world than investing in one of our very attractive and cost effective Harry Potter scarf products?

Gryffindor & Ravenclaw Scarves

Currently, we feature three different scarves that come straight from the silver screen and straight into your mailbox (if you decide to order one that is!). The Gryffindor design really stands out from the crowd with its vibrant red and electric yellow colouring. Next up is the Ravenclaw offering which is a mixture of silvery grey and royal blue colouring.

Another one is a very special scarf, it’s the purple Gryffindor scarf. It is extra long and subtle yellow lines across the item make it one that your friends will be envious and hugely jealous of.

All the Official scarves listed below are officially licensed and authentic. They’re great at keeping out the cold and are suitable for children from 3+ years. Respective school badges are also present on all the products listed.

potter scarfFeatured products currently for sale are listed below (click the banner on this page for full details):

Gryffindor Red/Yellow

Our best selling product in the range. Very soft to touch and wears very well.The red and yellow colour scheme looks absolutely gorgeous and the scarf gives great warmth in those cold winter months. Ultra soft acrylic material adds to comfort levels.

Gryffindor in Deep Plum

Pretty much the exact same product as that listed above, but this comes in a very deep and attractive plum and yellow colour scheme. Measures 190 x 25cm – so it’s quite a long scarf. Double layered for extra comfort. A great addition to any HP costume.

Ravenclaw Scarf in Purple

This scarf stands out as it is different from the other two listed above. The Ravenclaw  product is two coloured; grey and blue and comes complete with the Ravenclaw logo/crest. A great looking product that will always keep you warm and cosy no matter what the weather conditions.


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