Harry Potter Sorting Hat

shop sorting hatStored in the hard to access Headmaster’s office – the sorting hat which appears in the Potter books and films plays a very important part throughout the seven stories. The hat was owned and created by one of the most important people to ever reside in Hogwarts Castle, a man who went by the name Godric.

There are a number of times where Harry comes ‘face-to-face’ with this magical hat, which makes for great viewing if you happen to own the series on DVD or Blu-Ray (what true fan doesn’t own the Harry Potter box set?).

The hat’s main job is to allocate each and every one of the new, first year students to their respective ‘houses’. The houses in question are as follows:

  • Hufflepuff – Colours are yellow & black and its ghost is Fat Friar
  • Gryffindor – Headed by McGonagall and features a lion on its flag/crest
  • Ravenclaw – Blue & bronze colours represent this house and its animal is the eagle
  • Slytherin – Head member is Severus Snake, the resident ghost being the Bloody Baron

How the Sorting Hat Works

sorting hat harry potterThe hat is very old and very tattered. It can read anybody’s mind and speaks in a very low tone. The hat can take up to 5 minutes to make its decision (the decision can also come as quick as the one second mark – depending on which student’s head the hat is placed upon). The hat is very rarely wrong and is highly regarded by the Hogwarts hierarchy – which makes it easy to trust and place faith in. Before it makes its selections, and at the beginning of every new school year, it will sing a new song as way of welcoming in the new term. This song is performed in the Great Hall on top of the special stool.

Harry was originally meant to be placed in Slytherin House where he would have achieved great things – but strangely the sorting hat then went back on its initial decision and sent him to the Gryffindor House (you can find out the consequences of this rather interesting change of mind by reading the books or watching the films – we won’t spoil it for you).

Fans of the series can now celebrate, as the official Harry Potter sorting hat can now be yours to own – a must for any Potter fanatic, and one item that will enhance any enthusiast’s collection.

It is priced at just under £10 and looks every bit as authentic as it does in the movie series. There are various sizes available but our most popular model is the ‘one size fits all’ option which is comfortable to wear for both kids and adults alike. It is fully licensed and features a wide brim for a very authentic look.

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