We have compiled our favourite bits of Harry Potter trivia. We would love to hear what interesting facts you have heard about the film and book series, so send them in and we will publish them on this very page!

  • Harry Potter 2 is Daniel Radcliffe’s favourite book!
  • Hugh Grant and Alan Cummings were also looked at to play Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Zoe Wanamaker as Madam Hooch was eventually written out of the final script
  • Christian Coulson won the role of Tom Riddle even though he was 23 and surpassed the fiftheen to seventeen age group set of the auditions
  • Fourteen Ford Anglias were destroyed in the crash scene… yes 14!
  • The quote: “Let us just hope Mr Potter will always be around to save day” used by Jason Isaacs to Daniel Radcliffe was completely improvised
  • Filming of the 2nd movie began only three days after the first movie was released!
  • A story circulated that Emma Watson broke her left wrist whilst filming but this was later reported to be untrue…
  • Weasley’s car registration number is 7990 TD
  • All four of Chris Columbus’ kids were in the film. Eleanor played the part of Susan Bones, Brendan plays a young lad in the study hall, Violet played the girl with all the flowers and Isabella is the girl in the book store.
  • Nurses were called into the set when the stars got head lice
  • In the final credits the name Hannah Abbot is actually displayed as Hannah Hufflepuff
  • Shirley Henderson who plays Moaning Myrtle at thirty seven is the eldest actress to play a Harry Potter pupil.
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